In the tech universe, a SaaS copywriter is the storyteller bringing color conversions to code.

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SaaS copywriters enjoy a space where their craft is deeply valued, innovation is ever-present and each project is a fresh opportunity to weave narratives that resonate with users and drive business goals.

SaaS copywriting is how powerhouse brands like HubSpot optimize their inbound strategies, Wave to simplify financial services, Unbounce to maximize landing page conversions and Hotjar to refine user experience insights – all culminating in a surge of leads and an uptick in sales.

Now, with AI technologies advancing at lightning speed, you might be thinking: But Jessica, is there still room for the human touch? (Or, should I really niche down and become a SaaS copywriter?)

The resounding answer is: Yes.

And despite tech layoffs in 2022 and 2023, a quick search on Linkedin revealed over 35,000 SaaS copywriter-related job results in the US alone.

Linkedin saas copywriter job results 35,734 results

SaaS isn’t just about algorithms or cutting-edge software. It’s about understanding human needs, telling compelling stories and making tech feel accessible. Despite AI’s prowess, the craft of a SaaS copywriter remains invaluable.

You aren’t just putting words on a screen – you’re shaping the voice of innovation and ensuring it resonates with every user.

Does that sound a little… lofty? Maybe.

But then again, take a second and think about the SaaS products you use on a regular basis.

My accounting would be a mess if I didn’t have Xero. Brendon Burchard’s GrowthDay app completely transformed my morning routines for the better. And my online banking apps… I can’t even remember the last time I went to a physical bank.

SaaS products aren’t just lines of code. They’re life-changers. And the key to their success? Crystal-clear communication that makes users realize their true value.

Now, if you’re still on the fence about venturing into the SaaS universe, here’s another nudge:

SaaS companies inherently recognize the power of effective copywriting (and the copywriting skills required to create it).

Business owners are grounded in data and experimentation – a dream for conversion copywriters. Plus, the community vibe is unmatched. Move from one SaaS company to another, and you’ll often find familiar faces recommending you to their peers.

Most importantly, SaaS is not just about profits. It’s also about dreaming big and making life a whole lot cooler for users.

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These brands require everything – from engaging email sequences to ad funnels. And if you want to make a mark in the industry, be prepared. Your biggest challenge might just be choosing which exciting project to take up next.

So whether you’re an in-house writer at a tech company or a freelancer looking for meaningful collaborations, the SaaS domain is full of high-ROI opportunities.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, here’s a final word from the original conversion copywriter (and go-to expert in SaaS copywriting):

What is SaaS Copywriting?

At its core, SaaS copywriting is all about crafting compelling copy for Software-as-a-service companies. Again, think of those web-based platforms you can’t live without – from cloud storage solutions to project management tools.

Now, when it comes to SaaS, there are two main players: B2B and B2C SaaS.

B2B SaaS, or Business-to-Business, is all about software solutions tailored for companies and enterprises. B2B SaaS includes tools like Slack and Salesforce.

Meanwhile, B2C SaaS, short for Business-to-Consumer, caters directly to individual consumers rather than businesses. These are the software solutions that people use in their day-to-day lives. (They often don’t realize they’re using a SaaS product.) This includes apps like Dropbox, Spotify and MyFitnessPal.

While both serve different audiences, the heart of it is still the same: making our digital lives easier and more efficient.

But here’s the kicker: SaaS copywriting isn’t just about listing features and functionalities. It’s about translating complex tech jargon into relatable narratives, ensuring Aunt Jackie and tech-savvy Tim both nod in understanding.

SaaS copywriting is slightly different from other industries. Here, you’re selling solutions, experiences and the promise of smoother workflows. You’re diving deep into software ecosystems, understanding pain points and ensuring each word amplifies the value a software solution brings.

In a nutshell… a SaaS writer dives into the digital trenches, crafts persuasive copy and ensures every user – whether tech rookie or seasoned pro – feels seen, heard and catered to. You’re not just writing. This is where art meets science (in the tech realm).

Benefits of Being a SaaS Copywriter

If you consider yourself creative and you aren’t intimidated by tech, you should take a deeper look at becoming a SaaS copywriter. I don’t consider myself a “techy” per se… but I do have a pretty curious mindset and a willingness to dive into the digital realm.

That’s really a mindset that can set you leagues ahead. After all, it’s all about translating tech talk into everyday lingo that resonates. Here’s why diving into this niche might be your best career move yet.

High Demand & Competitive Pay

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that a career that’s in demand is a career that pays the bills (and then some). SaaS companies are on the prowl for copywriters who can translate their complex offerings into conversational, persuasive copy. And they’re often willing to pay well for it. So, not only do you get the satisfaction of crafting copy that converts, but your bank account gets to celebrate too.

Ever-evolving Challenges

If you’re the kind of person who thrives on variety (and let’s face it, who wants to be stuck in monotony?), SaaS copywriting is a candy store of challenges.

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Every project is a new puzzle. One day, you might be diving deep into the intricacies of cloud-based accounting software, and the next, exploring the frontier of AI-driven marketing tools. Gone are the days of writing generic sales pitches. Here, you’re constantly learning, adapting and crafting messages that resonate in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Here are just a few of the types of writing you can expect while working in SaaS (whether you work with B2B companies or B2C SaaS companies):

  • Email marketing (creating email sequences, strategy and writing conversion-focused emails. This can include both broadcast emails and transactional emails)
  • Content writing (including articles for companies, blog posts, white papers and other long-form content)
  • Social media posts
  • Web copy
  • Landing pages

and more.

Long-term Relationships

In many writing gigs, once you’ve delivered your piece, it’s a wave goodbye and off to the next. But in the SaaS world? Things work a bit differently. These companies aren’t just looking for a one-and-done deal.

One of my first SaaS clients started with a case study project. After that project went well, they asked for help optimizing their Google ads and landing pages. Then they hired me to rewrite their entire website. Eventually, I took over their email marketing and created their email strategy. Plus, I wrote all of the copy.

SaaS companies look for copywriters who can grow with them, understand their evolving product suite and become an integral part of their brand voice. So, if you’re in it for the long haul and cherish building lasting professional relationships, this sector of the business audience would be an ideal fit. Imagine being the go-to writer for a SaaS giant or a promising startup.

Diverse Range of Topics

One of the absolute delights of being a SaaS copywriter is the smorgasbord of topics you get to explore. SaaS covers everything from healthcare solutions and e-learning platforms to CRM systems and graphic design tools. This means that on any given day, you could be wearing the hat of an expert in diverse fields, ensuring your writing repertoire never hits a dull moment.

And the best part? You’re constantly expanding your knowledge base, making you not just a better writer but a well-informed one.

SaaS copywriting isn’t just another job. It’s a journey where your words hold power, your craft is treasured and every day feel can feel like a new chapter in an enthralling tech saga. So, if you’ve got the passion and the pen (or keyboard), the SaaS world is beckoning.

Here are the skills you need to excel in SaaS copywriting

So how do you build a thriving career with your SaaS copywriting services? Sure, a passion for copywriting (and developing your copywriting skills) is a good start, but there’s a whole toolkit of skills that’ll set you apart.

Technical Acumen

I can hear the groans. “But Jessica, I’m a writer, not a techie!” Stick with me here. No, you don’t need to code the next big app or dissect servers, but a basic understanding of the tech world can be a game-changer.

Grasping the ins and outs of software, understanding its user interface or just being curious about how things work can make your copy more authentic and relatable. So, flex those tech muscles a bit. It’ll be worth it.

Empathy & Customer-Centric Writing

At the heart of every great SaaS copy is, well, a heart. It’s not just about dazzling with jargon or intricate details – it’s about connecting. Dive deep into the shoes of your potential user. What are their pain points? Their dreams? Aspirations? Crafting your copy with genuine empathy ensures it resonates, engages, and most importantly, converts.

Remember, behind every click or subscription, there’s a human seeking a solution. Conversion copywriters know that to create customer-centric copy, you start every project (whether in-house or a client project) with research and discovery.

Conciseness & Clarity

Oh, the allure of flowery prose and grandiose expressions! But for SaaS companies, users are looking for clear, concise information. I’m not saying all of your copy needs to be short. Several of my clients have had big wins with long-form copy.

But you need to remember that potential customers want to know how software can make their lives easier, and they don’t want unnecessary words getting in the way.

Your challenge? Delivering impactful messages that are straight to the point yet compelling. It’s an art, mastering the balance between brevity and persuasion. But once you get it, it’s pure magic.

For a deep dive into short versus long copy for SaaS websites, check out this blog post by SaaS copywriter Andrew Yedlin.

SEO Knowledge

Knowing how to make your content visible continues to be important in today’s digital landscape. Enter SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Being a SaaS copywriter isn’t just about the art of writing. It’s also about ensuring your copy gets the attention it deserves.

Familiarize yourself with keywords, understand how search algorithms work and integrate SEO best practices into your writing. It’s not just about being found – it’s about being seen and heard.

To beef up your knowledge of SEO for SaaS startups, and get a better understanding of why SEO is still a go-to lever for SaaS companies, check out this blog post.

How to become a SaaS copywriter (your blueprint)

How do you dive in and become the sought-after SaaS copywriter everyone’s raving about? Let’s lay out this blueprint one layer at a time.

1. First, educate yourself

You didn’t think I’d let you wade into the deep waters without a lifejacket, did you? So, dive headfirst into online courses, workshops or even some good ol’ fashioned books on both copywriting and the basics of SaaS.

And speaking of courses, might I shine a spotlight on the Copyhackers Pro SaaS Conversion Copywriter Certification? This certification is your chance to break through the mental blocks that keep you from thriving as a freelance or in-house copywriter for SaaS.

Knowledge is power, and in this domain, it’s your golden ticket. Equip yourself with the nuances of the industry. Understand the lingo, the trends and the user psyche. It’s not just about being a writer. It’s about being an informed writer.

2. Build a niche portfolio

Specificity is your best friend here. Start by offering to write (or even rewrite) pricing pages for startups, create email sequences or draft blog posts on SaaS topics. Even if it’s just mock projects initially, they’ll showcase your grasp of the niche. (Plus, it’s a great way to practice your copywriting skills.)

And guess what? When potential clients see your dedication to their industry, they’re more likely to trust you with their brand. Use a tool like Packs to build your pro portfolio.

3. Network

Remember those awkward mixers and virtual events you’d rather skip for a Netflix binge? Time to change that mindset! Dive into SaaS-focused seminars, webinars and conferences. Join forums and LinkedIn groups. Not only will you learn from industry leaders, but you’ll also meet potential clients, collaborators and mentors.

Like so many industries, sometimes it’s not just what you know but who you know.

4. Collaborate & Learn

Lean into the community. Partner with designers to complete project mockups, work with other writers on larger projects or collaborate with SaaS companies for case studies.

Every interaction is a learning opportunity. Be open to feedback, adapt and grow. Remember, every great SaaS copywriter started somewhere, and the journey is filled with lessons and collaborations.

And for the freelance copywriter (or aspiring freelance writers)… 

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