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You’re a copywriter – even if you don’t call yourself one. All day every day, digital marketers and managers write, review and approve (or get frustrated by) copy. So isn’t it time you stopped guessing at every turn… and started writing with a proven process, frameworks and techniques? Copywriting Courses and Freelancer Training.

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Brad Wages
I’ve written just one sales letter using 10X Sales Pages, but it was a huge success. Over the course of a 5-day launch, my sales page did 1161 sales for a grand total of $228,717.
Brad Wages Launch Copywriter
Gin Walker
10x Sales Pages is taught and demonstrated in such detail that I couldn’t go wrong. Really. I almost couldn’t go wrong.
Gin Walker Freelance Copywriter
Marian Schembari
I credit Joanna with my entire career. Seriously. Before her trainings, I thought being a good writer was enough to make me great copywriter. WRONG. Thankfully, after a few months of floundering and writing embarrassingly-bad copy, I found Joanna. Through her brilliant, and super-easy-to-follow trainings, I fully booked out my business in under a year. Then I got my dream job writing copy for my idol full-time. Joanna’s techniques are groundbreaking.
Marian Schembari Sr. Conversion Copywriter
Prerna Malik
48% open rate. $17,991 in revenue. Yes. That's what using just TWO of the email "themeplates" in 10X Launches did for me for one of my productized service launches. And here's the best part... I know exactly why I put a word on a page and can explain that to my clients so not only do they love the copy they know why it's converting too! It's no secret... Copy School has been THE best investment I've made in my business, both as an online marketer AND a copywriter.
Prerna Malik Agency Founder

Copywriting Courses and Freelancer Training
Featuring the Many Hairstyles Jo's Sported Over the Years :)

We recommend you start out with…

10x Emails

All businesses are email businesses. Email continues to healthily outperform every other marketing channel for revenue growth. Which is what makes it such an amazing opportunity for you. And which is what makes 10x Emails our #1 most-loved program.

  • Get insider tricks for increasing opens and clicks
  • Plan nurturing and sales email sequences
  • Write convincingly – with confidence
  • Ideal for SaaS, ecommerce and services
  • Instructed by Joanna Wiebe, the original conversion copywriter
  • 4 modules, available immediately
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7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Check out the "3:1 rule" from 10x Emails

We recommend you start out with…

10x Landing Pages

The foundation of all great conversion copywriting is waiting for you inside this program, one of our first and most popular courses.

  • Master the art and science of writing landing page copy that converts
  • 4 modules delivered instantly
  • Instructed by Joanna Wiebe, the original conversion copywriter
  • 37 templates, downloads and worksheets
  • All 7 top-selling eBooks in the Copyhackers library
  • Bonus material with over 4h of special session recordings
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7-Day Money Back Guarantee

"5 Barriers to Conversion" from 10x Landing Pages

Or if you’re rewriting your whole website…

10x Web Copy

Take the guesswork out of your web copywriting with this conversion copywriting system based on
The 10x Page Plan and The Transformation Message Map

  • 4 modules, delivered immediately
  • Follow along with all the lessons or choose the “Fast Track” to get your site and running ASAP
  • Instructed by Joanna Wiebe, the original conversion copywriter
  • Identify broken messages before you write a single word using two powerful research tools
  • Use a crucial internal document – one that most copywriters completely ignore – to future proof the website strategy and copy
  • 1 interactive workbook, with templates and more
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7-Day Money Back Guarantee

"The 10x Page Plan" from 10x Web Copy

Or if you’re ready to sell more…

10x Sales Pages

Admit it: you need more revenue. You don’t like the idea of “selling,” but you need to make more sales. So turn your subscribers into customers with an incredibly persuasive long-form sales page

  • 2 complete tracks
  • Track 1: For SaaS, services and ecommerce
  • Track 2: For digital product launches
  • Instructed by Joanna Wiebe and Ry Schwartz
  • Featuring the 15-Pt Sales Page in a Day template
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"The Ever-Evolving Avatar" from Track 2 of 10x Sales Pages

Need to bring people to your site?

Master of Guest Blogging

Without users on your site how can you ever turn those people into sales? Learn the art of creating and posting content people want to read and share. Learn how to become a master guest blogger

  • 5 modules available immediately
  • 1 full interactive workbook
  • Forty-seven videos and 13 templates
  • The confidence to pitch your post

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7-Day Money Back Guarantee

"The Three World of Guest Blogging" from Master of Guest Blogging

We recommend you start out with…

10x Facebook Ads

Great for Instagram, too! Finally master the strategy behind social ad copy that works… and doesn’t waste your budget. Write ads FB loves and customers respond to.

  • 4 modules, delivered instantly
  • Instructed by Wahida Lakhani, FB ad pro
  • 1 complete workbook, with templates and more
Show Me What I’ll Get.
7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Watch the welcome video

We recommend you start out with…

10x Funnels

Plan, craft and write copy for the major opportunities in any and every marketing funnel.

  • Training for 4 specific funnels
  • A repeatable framework to use across funnels
  • HD videos and over-the-shoulder tutorials
  • 1 interactive workbook, with templates and more
  • Taught by Sam Woods, funnel expert and copywriter

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7-Day Money Back Guarantee

See how to optimize the offer (10x Funnels: 3)

10x Launches

Planning a product or course launch… or knee-deep in one and struggling to figure it out? In this program, renowned launch copywriter Ry Schwartz breaks down the complete framework for launching digital products.

  • Based on the “Coaching the Conversion” methodology
  • Featuring email templates
  • Instructed by Ry Schwartz
  • 4 modules, available immediately
7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Watch a preview of what's inside 10x Launches

We recommend you start out with…

The 10x Freelance Copywriter

Guessing what to do next? Distracted by SOS (shiny object syndrome)? Upgrade your life with a strategically paced training program featuring critical steps for success, strong coaching and the community you crave when you’re trying to stay focused at home alone…

  • 7 modules, delivered over 7 months
  • A frankly hyperactive 24/7 Slack Community
  • 3 Office Hours per week, with Joanna Wiebe & Amy Posner
  • Ongoing help from a team of “badassadors”
  • 1 interactive workbook, with templates and more

Find out how to systemize referrals

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

The 10x Freelance Copywriter

See how to whip your proposals into shape from Joanna Wiebe, who not only closes $35k + proposals fast but whose clients actually comment on how much they liked reading the proposal…

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Master of AI Copy

Why get left behind? Now you can capture new opportunities with AI copy. And make more money.

Academy 1
10x Launches has helped me by providing a framework for every time I need to engage my prospects online. And the themeplates convert like whoa!
Academy 2
No matter where you are in your business or copywriting career, odds are good that the investment you make in 10X will have the highest ROI of any course you’ll ever take.
Academy 3
48% open rate. $17,991 in revenue. That's what using just TWO of the email "themeplates" in 10X Launches did for me for one of my productized service launches.
Academy 4
I love 10x Emails. I got a huge boost in confidence from learning about how a campaign is structured, not just the copywriting bits.

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