Copywriting for Startups

Turn the Blank White Page into Your Bi-atch with the Only Copywriting Guides Made for Startups

Written by Joanna Wiebe, the original conversion copywriter, all Copy Hackers ebooks are designed to take non-writers from slogging painfully through the woes of trying to communicate your value… to confidently organizing your messages and making them pop off the page. Without scammy cheapness.

You don’t need to hire a copywriter. But you need more than fluffy blog posts like “6 tips to write a headline”. Find the happy medium in one of our top-rated ebooks…

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You Write Code Better Than You Write Copy.
Copy Hackers Ebooks Can Help You Change That…

In startups, the people who build the solution are often the people who write the web copy. You know the ins & outs of your solution… but you need to know how to write about them. Copy Hackers is written with exactly those needs in mind!

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A Growing Catalog of Bite-Sized Copywriting Ebooks

We’re always adding new budget-friendly ebooks to the mix!


Why Learn Everything When You Can Learn Specific Things?

Let’s say you already know how to format copy. With most web writing books, you’ll get a large chapter on formatting copy – a chapter you don’t need – in addition to the stuff you want.

With the Copy Hackers “micro ebook” approach, that’s never a problem. Buy only the ebooks that cover the topics you need to learn.

These ebooks are supported by worksheets, colorful examples from other startups, copy swipe files/lists and even handy formulas.

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“Okay, you’re really good at this. Seriously.
This is amazing stuff. Can’t put it down.”

Shereef Bishay, Founder, BetterMeans, ClassParrot & DevBootcamp

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Learn… and Then Act – With End-of-Chapter “Next Steps”

Ever notice how you read a great DIY book… and then totally fail to act on it? People do this all the time. It’s normal – but it’s not helpful.

That’s why almost every chapter in the first 4 Copy Hackers ebooks ends with a “next steps” section that tells you exactly how to implement what you’ve learned. Put what you’ve learned into practice!


Copywriting for startups

Written by a Pro Copywriter and Startup Founder

I, Joanna Wiebe, was a senior web writer at Intuit, a consultant at Conversion-Rate-Experts and a cofounder of before I started Copy Hackers. I’m now working on Kyvio, too

I have an MA in Communications and Technology with specialization in persuasion in ecommerce environments. I also write novels. Learn more about me here


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Short PDFs & MOBIs You Can Read on a Screen

With 4 books that are no more than 55 pages long, you can read your Copy Hackers on your monitor, e-reader or iPad without fatiguing your eyes. No need to print! (We’ve also got slightly longer ebooks on the topics of sales pages, value prop A/B tests and differentiation.)


Web writing for startupsRisk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

We’re so sure you’re going to find conversion-boosting tips throughout the books you buy, we’ll give you your money back if you’re not satisfied. Just let us know within 30 days of purchasing!


Low-Cost Ebooks for Lean Startups & New Copywriters

The first 4 Copy Hackers ebooks start at $17.99 each! And the fifth book – at 246 pages + 3 videos – is easily a quarter of the price of similar products.

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