Copywriters specialize in writing that persuades your audience to say yes to your offers.

This can come in the form of websites, advertisements and other marketing deliverables.

Finding a copywriter

You know you need a copywriter, but where do you begin to find one?

Post on a Facebook group?

Google manically?

Ask other business owners?

Micheal and Dwight from The Office shouting. Text reads: where are they?!

Those are all ways to search for a copywriter – and in the past week, I’ve done this myself.

I tried to step into the business owner’s shoes and go through the process of finding a copywriter.

Trying to find copywriters and strategists who focus on one specific area is difficult, there are so many amazing ones out there!

So, I’ve compiled a list here (which is by no means all-encompassing) of copywriters who can help you achieve your business goals and increase your conversions.

I’ll give you a short overview of the area of expertise and then a few copywriters who can get it done.

  • Who they are
  • What they do
  • Where you can find them

The majority of these writers have been trained through Copy School and have various other certifications to back up their knowledge.

And most importantly – they’re good people!

*I’ve listed copywriters under categories they either specialize in or enjoy writing – this does not mean they don’t have other services. I’ve included their full list of offerings in their profile*

Growth Strategy Copywriters

This is a high-level strategy that outlines what a business needs to do in order to grow.

This can include brand messaging, customer experience mapping, customer research, and an action plan to make it all happen.

Betsy Muse, Rocket Fuel Strategy

Who: Betsy offers her clients decades of experience and a signature process to increase their traffic, leads, and revenue.

Besty's homepage with a picture of her on the right side. This shows her strengths as a copywriter.

What: In her ACTIVATE process, Betsy helps you build your business through a multi-channel marketing strategy.

This includes:

  • Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Identifying Gaps in the Market
  • Validating Ideas
  • Amplifying Your Message
  • Testing Final Products
  • Evaluating Engagement

Where: Rocket Fuel Strategy

Jacinda Santora, JMS Copy

Who: Jacinda’s been in marketing and copywriting for over a decade, giving her tons of time to see what works and what doesn’t in growth strategy.

Meaning that she never guesses – everything is researched and executed to the finest details.

Jacinda's about section on her website explains what she does differently than other copywriters.

What: For her Growth Consulting package, Jacinda offers:

  • Deep customer insights
  • CX mapping and KPIs
  • Value prop and messaging guide
  • Growth strategy document and implementation

She also takes on various copywriting projects (websites, emails, launches, brand voice and copy audits) and funnel-building projects.

Jacinda offers this tip on creating a strategy,

If you’re not taking the time to learn about your best-fit customers, you’re missing out on growth opportunities.

Understanding your customers (or your clients’ customers) leads to better positioning, messaging, feature adoption, and customer retention.

It can also give focus to additional features and improvements so you’re not just loading up the dev team based on guesses.

Where: JMS Copy

Lead Generation Copywriters

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers to your business and nurturing them to a conversion.

You’re giving potential customers the information they need to warm up to your business and eventually make a sale.

Lead generation can take on a lot of forms, from Facebook and Instagram ads to blog content and ebooks.

Sarah Sal, Hypercaffeinated Facebook Marketing

Who: Sarah’s got an entire strategy for writing Facebook ads that convert; it’s backed by research and data that she’s collected over the past decade.

Sarah is the Facebook Ads Specialist at Hootsuite and AdEspresso, as well as running her own business.

Sarah's about page has an image of her on the left side and explains long copy use for Facebook ads.

What: Sarah writes Facebook ads that target your ideal customers using longer copy that tells a story.

Where: Hypercaffeinated Facebook Marketing

Esai Arasi, Elysienne

Who: Esai is the social media manager for introverted copywriters.

And she can show you 21 different ways of repurposing your content.

What: She helps copywriters attract and land premium clients through content so they can do the work they love, instead of being on social media all the time.

With her E.A.S.Y. framework, she teaches copywriters how to develop relationships with their target clients, without getting burnt out.

Esai's LinkedIn page includes an image of her on the left and her traits as a copywriter.

Esai says this about posting on social media,

For effective lead gen, align your social media marketing with your lead gen strategy.

If you are relying on referrals, your social content should speak to a warm audience: listing ways to work with you, your framework, and results you are getting for your clients.

Contrarily, if you are relying on cold pitching, your social content should be a mix of social proof, your framework, and personal content to get the cold audience to know you as a person.

Where: LinkedIn

Quiz Funnel Copywriters

Quiz funnels are becoming more and more popular due to their interactive nature and ability to bring some fun to brands that use them.

A quiz funnel is used to segment potential customers based on their answers to the questions.

Often, quizzes are used as a lead magnet, and prospects subscribe to an email list to get their results.

Quizzes can also be used to help decide the best-fit products for a customer or even used after purchase to gather customer data.

Chanti Zak

Who: Chanti is a quiz funnel strategist and growth coach for online business owners, change-makers, and brands that give a damn.

Chanti's homepage has a picture of her on the right and leads visitors to learn more about her copywriting methodology.

What: Chanti offers done-for-you quiz funnels and launch copy or she’ll teach you how to write your own.

She’s even got a free course that outlines quiz strategy and creation.

Where: Chanti Zak

Linda Sidhu

Who: Linda helps entrepreneurs create irresistible personality quizzes that bring in new subscribers on autopilot.

Linda's homepage has an image of her on the left and explains why she became a copywriter.

What: Linda offers to write for you or teaches you how to do it yourself,

  • 8-week group coaching program for creating quiz funnels
  • VIP days
  • Done-for-you quiz package that includes a welcome email sequence

Where: Linda Sidhu

Email Sequence and Strategy Copywriters

With a return on investment of about $40 per every $1 spent, email marketing is becoming more and more important for business owners to take advantage of.

Samar Owais

Who: Samar is an email strategist for SaaS and eCommerce businesses.

Samar's about page has an image of her on the right and tells how she creates email journeys for clients differently than other copywriters.

What: For her SaaS clients, Samar specializes in:

  • Nurture sequences
  • Free-to-paid onboarding sequences
  • Onboarding emails for products with no free trials
  • Check-in sequences for paying users
  • Follow-up sequences when people don’t buy
  • Re-engagement sequences for in-active users

For her eCommerce clients, Samar offers:

  • Welcome sequences
  • Abandonment sequences
  • Post-purchase sequences
  • Promotional campaigns (like holiday specials and Black Friday)

Where: Samar Owais

Eman Ismail, Eman Copy Co.

Who: Eman helps 6+ figure online business owners and eCommerce brands fire up their conversions, evergreen their sales and turn fans into superfans.

She does this by crafting data-driven, personality-packed email strategy and copy.

Eman's homepage includes an image of her on the left and a detailed headline showing how she stand out from other copywriters.

What: Eman offers various email sequences and audits.

  • Email conversion audits
  • VIP days
  • Welcome and nurture sequences
  • Abandoned cart sequences
  • Launch email sequences

As well as a handful of other courses (including a free one), coaching calls and a mastermind.

Where: Eman Copy Co.

Zoe Heard, Get Heard

Who: Zoe is an eCommerce email strategist and copywriter for Australian online retailers selling products for the home and products for children.

Zoe's homepage explains what she specializes in that's unique from other copywriters and includes an image of her below the text.

What: Zoe’s packages include:

  • Lifecycle email strategy
  • eCommerce email writing
  • Email audits

Zoe’s tip for business owners this year,

If a retailer is going to invest their marketing budget in one thing this year, the best bang for your buck is lifecycle emails.

More specifically, a stellar email welcome sequence.

From the moment a new customer (or potential customer) subcribes, those first few emails lay the foundation for a possible long term relationship.

You’ve got their attention, so don’t waste that golden opportunity with a bland 10% discount offer and nothing else of value.

Where: Get Heard

Sales Page Copywriters

Sales pages are used when you want to persuade your audience to buy a certain product or service you’re offering.

Most sales pages are longer as they:

  • Take the reader through their pain points
  • Show their life could be better
  • Introduce and explain the benefits of your product
  • Overcome objections the reader may have about buying
  • Ease the reader’s anxiety over buying by giving guarantees and answering FAQs
  • Include a strong call to action

Caroline Betz

Who: Caroline is a health and wellness copywriter helping you attract your ideal clients with charismatic copy that connects and words that convert.

Caroline's homepage has an image of her in the top left and explains why she loves her job as a copywriter.

What: Caroline offers a variety of packages to suit her clients’ needs.

  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Website copywriting (3, 6, or 10-page packages)
  • Email copywriting

Email Copy:

  • Welcome sequences
  • Product launch campaigns
  • Abandoned cart series
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Newsletters

Where: Caroline Betz

Simon Kolowski, Rockstar Sales Pages

Who: Simon creates sales pages that focus on the originality of your business and transform you into the Rockstar you are.

Simon's homepage tagline reads: The Rockstar Copy Method is a messaging system for impact driven coaches and consultants who want to flip the script in their industry and lead a revolution.

What: Simon offers three stages of sales pages.

  • The Superstar Experience, a done-for-you sales page
  • The 28 Day Sales Page, a self-paced training series
  • The Road to Rockstar, month-by-month strategy and support system

Where: Rockstar Sales Pages

Marika Tosi

Who: Marika writes conversion copy and strategy for purpose-driven businesses and entrepreneurs that want to make a positive impact.

Marika's about page has an image of her on the right and shares her core values as a copywriter.

What: Marika offers copy and strategy in all of her packages so her clients can grow their audience and revenue while preserving the essence of their brand.

  • Sales pages
  • Emails
  • Funnels
  • Websites

Marika offers this wisdom for writing sales pages,

Writing a sales page is like answering a series of unasked questions.

Those questions are all in your voice-of-customer research, so you can join the conversation happening in your prospects head and having them nodding all the way down the page.

Where you get that final yes.

Where: The Copy Tree

Website Copywriters

Your website is the home of your business online.

It shows your personality, your service offerings, and takes visitors through the experience of what it would be like to work with you.

It sells visitors on you.

Gill Andrews

Who: Gill is a conversion copywriter and web consultant who turns underperforming small business websites into slick lead-generating machines.

Gill's about page has an image of her on the left and lists her unique selling proposition underneath, this is how she stands out from other copywriters.

What: Gill offers website and copy critiques, as well as conversion copy for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Home page review
  • Website review
  • 1-on-1 review calls
  • B2B web copywriting for service-based businesses and personal brands
  • B2C web copywriting for online stores

She also offers free tools to help you write your website like a pro.

Where: Gill Andrews

Michal Eisikowitz

Who: Michal writes conversion-driven website copy and strategy for SaaS and B2B brands.

She’s also a perfectionist copywriter who gets clients sharp, on-brand copy that feels exquisitely right.

Michal's homepage has an image of her on the left and shares some unique facts about her that are different from other copywriters.

What: Michal offers three web copywriting packages,

  • Website facelift
  • Complete website copy
  • VIP days

Where: Michal Eisikowitz

Michael Antonicelli, Superfantastik

Who: Michael is a conversion copywriter and strategic consultant who uses his natural persuasion skills to help businesses turn their website into a 24/7 lead and sales generator.

He’s written for over 67 clients and helps them grow revenues by revealing what’s great about their product or service.

Michael's homepage has an image of him on the left and explains how he stands out among copywriters.

What: Michael offers four tiers of website copywriting,

If you’re undecided about changing your website copy, Michael offers this advice,

Websites gain a certain momentum that makes them hard to change – lots of internal and external stakeholders and overlapping dependencies.

That’s how embarrassing websites stay up for so long.

But you could improve the copywriting on any website with minimal disruption.

The ROI from web copy improvements is huge.

Where: Superfantastik

Launch Strategy Copywriters

When you’re ready to put your product or service out into the world, you may have a product launch to accompany it.

Your launch has several moving parts:

  • Ads
  • Sales pages
  • Emails
  • Landing pages
  • Social media posts

Kirsty Fanton

Who: Kirsty writes launch copy that really, truly resonates so you connect with your prospects in all the right ways – and get the results to match.

She writes for business owners who have an online course, program, or membership.

Kirsty's services page has an image of her at the top and explains what businesses will be a good fit to work with her.

What: Kirsty offers three levels of how she can help you with your launch,

  • Full launch strategy, copy and support
  • Launch debrief (review your launch after it’s done)
  • VIP days

Where: Kirsty Fanton

Ash Chow

Who: Ash provides launch strategy and copy for course creators and online entrepreneurs who want to leave the world a better place than they found it.

Ash's homepage has an image of her on the left and details her values as a copywriter.

What: Ash offers two launch packages,

  • The Launch Copy Blitz VIP Intensive (launch emails and sales pages done in a week)
  • Profitable Launch Prescription Sessions (90 minute, 1-on-1 coaching call)

Where: Ash Chow

Nicola Moors

Who: Nicola creates strategic and profitable funnels for online business owners that are fuelled by data, research, and a pinch of sass.

She combines her client’s unique voice and personality with messaging that cause their audience to flock to them.

Nicola's homepage has an image of her on the right and gives some fun facts about who she is as a person. This shows her differences among other copywriters.

What: Nicola offers two launch packages,

  • Done-for-you launch copy
  • Fuel Your Funnels (post-launch debrief)

Nicola also created the Brand Voice Buddy for copywriters looking to learn about creating a brand voice guide.

Nicola gives this advice for your next launch,

With launches, you don’t need to have all the answers – simply have ideas and test things with different audiences.

And before moving onto the next project or product, make sure your funnels are as optimised as possible (aka you’re squeezing out as much revenue as you can).

Where: Nicola Moors

UX Copywriting

UX (user experience) copywriting combines writing conversion copy while taking into account the way visitors will move through their digital experience.

For example, how will they best interact with your website in a way that’s intuitive and also moves them toward the goal (aka your call to action)?

Susan Reoch

Who: Susan is a UX copywriter and strategist who writes clear, conversational copy for tech startups, entrepreneurs and businesses.

She’s bridged the gap between UX writing and copywriting; giving clients the conversion copy and effortless user experience that delivers real results.

Susan's about page has an image of her on the left and explains what she does differently than other copywriters.

What: Susan offers UX copywriting for,

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Sales Pages

She also teaches copywriters the ins and outs of UX writing and has training sessions for UI/UX teams on translating features into benefits.

Susan’s tip for business owners:

Consider the user experience and create a seamless flow through your website, funnel, or digital products.

This helps reduce friction and frustration – and increases engagement and sales.

Where: Susan Reoch Copywriter

Annie Bacher

Who: Annie helps tech teams create human-sounding, empathetic copy that connects with their ideal audiences.

Annie's homepage features an image of her on the right and a headline that reads: The copywriter for companies in need of clarity and connection.

What: Annie offers various services for tech teams, all backed by years of UX training.

  • Case studies
  • Website copywriting
  • VIP days
  • Email copywriting
  • Sprint Sessions (1-on-1 copy help for a specific project)

Where: Annie Bacher

Brand Messaging Copywriters

Your brand messaging is all about what you say and how you say it (your brand voice).

It’s how your customers and prospects think and feel about your brand when they read your copy.

Having a consistent, documented messaging strategy will help guide all of your marketing assets to ensure your brand voice remains the same across all platforms.

Rachael Pilcher, Mighty Fine Copy

Who: Rachael is a SaaS copywriter and growth strategist.

She helps B2B and SaaS companies attract better leads and get more revenue from their websites, funnels and landing pages.

Rachael's homepage has an image of her on the right and lists her unique selling proposition as a copywriter.

What: Rachael writes a variety of copy, including:

  • Websites
  • Brand Ignition (messaging guide)
  • Case studies
  • Website audits
  • VIP days

Where: Mighty Fine Copy

Anna Bolton, Conversion Copy Co.

Who: Anna is a conversion copywriter for premium eCommerce brands.

She’s on a mission to drive growth for B2C brands that balance profit with purpose.

Anna's about page shows an image of her on the left and details what she does that makes her copywriting so good.

What: Anna’s packages include,

  • Quick copy fix
  • Conversion Copy DNA (brand messaging)
  • Full-funnel conversion copywriting

Where: Conversion Copy Co.

Diane Wiredu, Lion Words

Who: Diane is a conversion copywriter and messaging strategist who helps B2B SaaS and digital services attract more perfect-fit clients, increase their conversions and stand out from the sea of sameness.

Diane's about page has an image of her on the right and explains how she is uniquely qualified to write conversion copy.

What: Diane uses her ROAR framework to craft power-packed, persuasive messages for,

  • Brand Elevator (brand messaging strategy)
  • Websites
  • Emails
  • Custom projects

Where: Lion Words

Landing Page Copywriters

Landing pages are where prospects “land” when they click through an ad or an email.

Basically, your prospect clicks a link somewhere, and they go to your landing page.

It can make or break the conversion at this point because your landing page has to match the message they read that made them click in the first place.

There needs to be a continuous story being told, so your prospect knows that they’re in the right place and you’re offering exactly what the ad suggested.

Andrew Yedlin

Who: Andrew is a conversion copywriter and optimizer. He helps B2B SaaS teams convert better leads and hit their growth goals.

Andrew's homepage has an image of him on the right and lists how he has helped companies with their conversions through his copy, better than other copywriters.

What: Andrew’s packages cover a wide array of copywriting areas,

  • Website copy and optimization
  • Landing page copy and optimization
  • Ad copy
  • Video scripts

He also has SEO, PPC and design specialists to help with copy projects.

Where: Andrew Yedlin

Lianna Patch, Punchline Conversion Copywriting

Who: Lianna is a conversion copywriter specializing in Sass and SaaS.

She writes funny copy that boosts your conversions.

Lianna's about page features an image of her and her cat on the left. She explains a story showing how she can write funny copy better than other copywriters.

What: Lianna specializes in landing pages, sales and product pages, and email flows. Her packages are:

  • The Knockout (Heuristic website audit)
  • The Uppercut (Landing page review)
  • VIP days

Lianna also has a course to teach you how to write funny copy.

Where: Punchline Conversion Copywriting

Myra Ahmed

Who: Myra is a B2B and SaaS growth copywriter who uses customer research to craft strategic copy that turns hesitant readers into convinced users.

Myra's homepage has an image of her on the left and explains why tech companies have trouble with conversions.

What: Myra’s packages include,

  • Landing Pages
  • Website copywriting
  • Email Sequences
  • PPC ads

Myra offers this tip for writing landing pages,

Your offer – even if it’s small – can induce anxiety for prospects.

So, ease their mind by addressing major objections throughout the page.

Knock those niggling doubts away like it’s kung-fu.

Where: Myra Ahmed

SEO Copywriters

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is how well your copy and content can be found by search platforms – like Google.

Combining conversion copy with SEO is usually done organically when writing, say your website.

SEO specialists take it a step further because they create strategic plans to use across platforms and give your business keywords and phrases that are best suited to capture your target audience.

Kerry Campion de Santiago, God Save the SERP

Who: Kerry is an SEO copywriter for online entrepreneurs. She writes SEO copy that ranks, nails your brand voice and brings in more sales.

Kerry's homepage has an image of her on the right and explains why she started her business. She shows how copywriters can use SEO to drive conversions.

What: Kerry has five SEO copywriting packages,

  • Website copy
  • Blog writing
  • Done-for-you SEO strategy
  • Sales page copywriting
  • 1:1 strategy consults

She also has two courses, SERP Slayer and Content Slayer, that teach all the elements of SEO you need in order to write high-ranking and high-converting copy and blog posts.

Where: God Save the SERP

Leanne de Araujo, Calmer Copy

Who: Leanne is a SEO specialist who writes copy that helps business owners connect with their target audience – all while researching and writing from a place of calm.

Leanne's homepgae has an image of her on the right and explains how she offers calm copy and research for her clients.

What: Leanne offers packages focusing on SEO,

  • SEO blog writing
  • Copy editing
  • Content management research

Leanne says that SEO isn’t just about ranking, it’s about loyalty:

Build your SEO to keep your customers loyal.

You don’t want to just convert people to your brand, you want to find out what it is that keeps them coming back for more.

Where: Calmer Copy

Conversion Optimization Copywriters

When writing copy, it’s never a set-it-and-forget-it deal.

You’re constantly testing the copy and optimizing it to see what works best to drive conversions for your ideal customers.

Talia Wolf, Get Uplift

Who: Talia helps high-growth SaaS, publishers and eCommerce brands optimize funnels by using the only customer-first conversion methodology.

This method uses data and emotional analysis to help with your conversions, leads, and sales.

Talia's about page has an image of her on the right and details what her company, Get Uplift, does and why. She helps copywriters learn optimization as well.

What: Talia’s packages to grow a brilliant business,

  • Conversion optimization audits
  • Done-for-you conversion rate optimization

Talia also has dozens of free workshops, resources and cheat sheets to help you level up your business’ marketing and optimization.

Where: Get Uplift

Sunny Hunt, Hunt Interaction

Who: Sunny is a conversion optimization consultant and converter of customers who helps companies find, convert and keep profitable customers.

Sunny's homepage has an image of her on the right and explains why she is better qualified to conduct conversion optimization than other copywriters.

What: Sunny offers two optimization services,

  • Custom conversion optimization
  • Fix It Fast (Website copy review)

She also has lots of free resources on conversion optimization and a free, 10-minute, mini-website conversion review.

Where: Hunt Interaction

Ekaterina Howard

Who: Ekaterina helps startup teams fix their growth engines by finding conversion opportunities – turning “bang, rattle, whine” into a “roar” of more leads, more demos and more customers.

Ekaterina's homepage has an image of her on the left and explains her work accomplishments and her unique value as a copywriter.

What: Ekaterina’s packages all revolve around identifying gaps and finding the opportunities in your startup’s growth,

  • Growth Engine Checkup (business diagnostic)
  • Day Rate Power Package (conversion copy optimizing)
  • Done-for-you customer research

Ekaterina says message-matching is essential in your funnel,

Don’t forget to check each step of the funnel for message-matching and for clarity.

If you’ve optimized a landing page, but the next page in the funnel just doesn’t make sense (or – even worse – creates unnecessary friction) you’re going to lose those prospects.

Where: Ekaterina Howard

Finding the right copywriters for your business

I hope this small list has given you some copywriters to look up when you need to outsource some projects.

For business owners looking to hire a copywriter:

  • Check out (Copyhackers’ freelance copywriter database) and use appropriate keywords in your search (ex. launch copywriter)
  • Ask your friends or colleagues for referrals to writers they trust
  • Look up free copywriting or freelancing groups on Facebook (Word Workers)

The one thing I’ve learned through this process is a lot of really great copywriters are hard to find through Google.

This is why my one piece of advice for copywriters would be to follow Jo’s 6-in-6 plan inside 10x Freelance Copywriter.

You get the work you talk about, so get yourself out there and start building authority in your area of expertise.

Let people know you’re there, and you can help them!

*As a side note, after looking at so many websites: It’s refreshing and encouraging to see how many copywriters included an inclusivity statement as part of their values and ‘Work With Me’ pages.

Like this example from Kirsty Fanton

Text reads:Psst... You are welcome here. Black, brown, gay, straight, she, he, them, and all the delicious in-betweens. I'm in a continuous loop of doing the work and making changes to create a space that understands and acknowledges the world's long history of discrimination (yep, the very same history that has routinely benefitted people like me) and actually agitates for a better, safer, more inclusive world.

And this one from Caroline Betz

Text reads: Everyone's welcome! I work with people from all backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. I see the world as a place where everyone deserves the freedom to be themselves and be valued for their differences.