A copywriting niche is when a copywriter only writes for a specific market or industry.

For example, you can choose to only write for eCommerce businesses or only for SaaS companies.

What is niching?

To niche or not to niche – that is always the question.

There is no right or wrong answer to this. Some freelance copywriters do quite well as generalists.

But others prefer to niche in a specific industry to help them grow their business.

Let’s cover two definitions first:

These are really important for you to understand before moving forward with this post.

Niching – choosing to write for a specific industry or group (ex. healthcare, course creators or dog trainers)

Specialization – choosing to write a specific type of copy for all industries (ex. sales pages, landing pages or emails)

While some people use the two terms interchangeably, they have different meanings and outcomes when applying them to your freelance copywriting career.

For example, you could choose to niche and work only with beauty brands or specialize and write only Facebook Ads.

Jo recommends specializing rather than niching because copywriters often go too specific in their niche choice. Then it’s difficult to find clients because the niche is too small (ex. Italian vegan shoe brands).

“The idea is definitely to get specific – but not too specific – so people know when to choose you, refer work to you, etc.

And so you can gain your expertise faster.

But don’t overdo it. Don’t get too freakin’ specific.”

Joanna Wiebe

In this Tutorial Tuesday, Joanna walks through how you can narrow your focus as a copywriter by niching or specializing.

How do you find your copywriting niche?

Lianna Patch wrote a fantastic post for Copyhackers outlining how you can find your niche.

I won’t list all the steps, but one of Lianna’s biggest pieces of advice is to ask yourself the following questions:

Questions to ask yourself when looking at copywriting niches.
Text reads: The point is to take a hard look in the mirror (and at your portfolio) and ask yourself:
What projects did I love working on?
What made the hours fly by?
What did I feel the best about when I was done?
What did I get paid well for?
Who are my favorite clients?
Where’s my proof that I’m a pro?
What do I love doing that everyone else hates? (E.g. if you love writing Facebook ads, and everyone you share that fact with hates writing them, that could be your niche. Just make sure you really love it before you change all your website copy…)

Essentially, choosing a niche is based on what you like to do and what you’re good at – crossed with what people will pay for.

What copywriting niches are popular?

Choosing a niche can be an important part of building your authority as a copywriter.

Becoming known for writing a specific type of copy (specializing) or writing for a particular industry (niching) can make you more valuable to clients.

Because your expertise will build faster when you’re focusing on something specific.

Then you can put all of your knowledge into serving your clients and offering them more industry experience than the run-of-the-mill, jack-of-all-trades copywriter.

Let’s look at some of the copywriting niches that are growing in 2024 and beyond.

Keep in mind, that niching is a specific industry and specializing is a specific type of copy. We’re focusing more on niching in this post.


Travel is back – how exciting is it to be able to leave the country again?!

(If we’re honest, even activities in your hometown have become exciting)

I'm so excited, I may vomit. Travel is one of the great copywriting niches. More so than ever.

According to Expedia, 68% of Americans plan to splurge on their next vacation, feeling they’ve missed out on the last two years.

This hype is precisely why the travel copywriting niche is first on this list. People want to go places, and we, as copywriters, need to tell them why they should go.

With every aspect of the travel industry opening up – hotels, restaurants, tourism boards – they’re all going to need to refresh their copy to entice visitors back.

Even the hospitality technology side will need copywriters – think booking sites, customer service tools and virtual concierges.

From the looks of it, though, hospitality might need more copywriters to write in-app copy based on the turn to more digital experiences.

You can learn about writing in-app tour copy from Carolyn Beaudoin, or basically, every lesson in Copy School will help you write better app copy.


I don’t think working in the financial copywriting niche will ever go out of style.

People always want to know about money – how to make it, save it, grow it, and yes, even spend it.

Finance is also one of the top copywriting niches. Michael from the office. Me: How do I save money? Friend: Stop spending money on things you don't need. Me: Nope. Don't like that.

This niche is popular because, although consumers want to learn, there seems to be a shortage of copywriters who want to write for this industry.

Perhaps because there are a lot of legalities and regulations in this industry.

Or because it requires a certain depth of knowledge to effectively and accurately write financial copy.

But if you have a background or interest in finance, then a career in this niche might just be perfect for you.


The eCommerce copywriting niche boomed during Covid-19.

Shopify valued the global eCommerce market at an expected $5.55 trillion for 2022.

With so many businesses forced to transition to online selling and people coming up with new digital products, eCommerce has never been a bigger industry.

Within this niche, you’ll have the ability to write all kinds of copy for all sorts of businesses. You could find yourself writing everything from product detail pages to long-form sales pages.

Health and Fitness

As with eCommerce, the health and fitness copywriting niche grew tremendously during the pandemic and continues to grow now.

The fitness industry market is expected to grow to $434.74 billion by 2028, according to a recent report by RunRepeat.

The image below shows that every aspect of the fitness industry is expected to increase revenue between 2022 and 2028.

Looking for a good copywriting niche? Line graph showing the estimated growth of the fitness industry revenue. An excellent sign for those in the health or fitness copywriting niches.

Gyms certainly took a hit during the pandemic. However, the online fitness segment grew and is expected to grow 640.1% by 2028.

For a copywriter, this means gyms and studios need help with copy for their digital platforms. And now, they need advertising to get their members back into their in-person classes.

This is a great niche for someone who wants to encourage people to get in shape and feel awesome in their bodies.

It’s even better if you’re the kind of person who makes fitness a part of your daily habits – you already have the experience needed to put yourself one step ahead of the competition.

Mental Health and Mindset

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s the importance of mental health and practicing a positive mindset.

According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness each year.

And 37% of people reported a decline in their mental health since the onset of the pandemic.

With the world back in motion now, the mental health and mindset copywriting niche will need writers to keep their apps and programs top-of-mind for people.

They’re also going to need copywriters to promote the reinvigoration of live programs, therapy and coaching sessions.


Education was not fun during the pandemic. Ask any student (or parent!).

Online learning (or eLearning) isn’t easy when you’re not used to it.

But it looks like eLearning is here to stay.

The convenience of taking a course from home and on your own time is a huge selling feature.

Education is one of the top copywriting niches to explore. Zooey Deschanel in New Girl, cheering while on laptop.

The online learning space is expanding – the eLearning market is expected to grow to $325 billion in 2025 – and the education copywriting niche will have lots of opportunities for advertising and selling courses.

Not to mention that 93% of businesses plan to add live online learning to their employee programs, so corporate companies will also need copy.

Alternatively, the education copywriting niche will be instrumental in re-writing school websites, brochures, or advertisements to address the changes that have been put in place since going back to face-to-face learning.

If you’re a former teacher or have education experience this copywriting niche might be the logical step

If you’re a former teacher or have education experience, this copywriting niche might be the logical step for you.

You already know how the school system works and how to engage different learning styles.


Many people got new pets during a lockdown, and now they need to know what to do with them!

The American Pet Products Association says $123.6 billion was spent on pet products in 2021, and 90.5 million homes have at least one pet.

With those numbers, it’s easy to see why the pet industry is constantly growing. People love their pets and are willing to spend money on them.

The pet copywriting niche ranges from pet store advertisements to websites for dog trainers.

In fact, I just read a post on Facebook mentioning how an entire group of dog trainers was looking for a copywriter who specializes in dog training.

(This group, by the way, had over 2000 members, talk about a great client pool)

Eco-conscious Businesses

This copywriting niche is becoming more prominent as time goes on.

People love the outdoors and want to conserve nature and our natural resources for future generations.

It’s now a social movement to invest and purchase from businesses doing their part for the environment.

89% of consumers believe that brands should do more to reduce their carbon impact and 88% believe that sustainability should be a standard business practice.

Why copywriting niches is important in the eco-conscious industry. Data showing consumer attitudes toward sustainability from a 2021 survey.

With 85% of consumers indicating they’ve shifted their purchasing habits to be more sustainable, it becomes the job of a copywriter to show how the business’s values align with their customers.

If a customer chooses where to shop, the decision could come down to your copy written about the business’s eco-conscious values.

What about copywriting specializations?

We had a look at some popular copywriting niches, but specializing is also a good way to focus your business (plus, it’s Jo endorsed!).

To specialize, you choose a specific type of copy that you want to write.

Here are some examples of areas you can specialize in:

Will you choose one of these copywriting niches?

You don’t have to – niching (or specializing) is something that can be done at any point in your copywriting career.

And remember: it’s not set in stone.

You can always change your focus and offers down the road if you choose.

If you’re looking at the vast amount of copywriting niches available, think about:

  • Topics you enjoy writing about
  • Types of copy you’re good at writing
  • What people will pay you to write about

Meanwhile, get experience writing different types of copy and see what you like.

By enrolling in Copy School you gain exposure to different copy and formulas

You can then use this experience to get clarity around choosing from many possible copywriting niches.