Author - Lance Jones

Growth Marketing

Testing Ain’t ALL That

Who would dare to blaspheme what is arguably the ultimate technique for optimizing one’s website copy? Surely Joanna wouldn’t let a statement like “testing ain’t all that” simply slip through in a guest blog post… And it couldn’t come...


The Great Copy Debate: Clear Vs. Clever

After nearly 2 months of prep and execution time, Joanna and I just wrapped-up the final A/B test for our brand new ebook, The Copyhackers Great Value Proposition Test, where we ran headline-only tests on a wide range of websites – 11 in total...


Your Most Overlooked Home Page Opportunity

NOTE: This post is grounded in what you’ve shared with us in the persistent poll on Based on 273 responses to our question about the types of copy that challenge you most, 61% of you told us that THIS topic is top of mind for...


RADically Rethink Your CTAs

After your headline, your call to action (CTA) is the most important element on your website.
How many times have you heard or read the current ‘best practice’ around CTAs… that states one should always place CTAs above the fold...

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