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Joanna Wiebe - Copywriter and author of "Copyhackers"

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Note to Self, On Time Management

My time management has been shitty lately. (And by "lately" I mean "for the last 24 months or so.") Here's what people say I should do to get my calendar, schedule and life under control. You should probably take some of the advice in here, too.


Why Your Copy Needs to Pick a Fight

The Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel campaign is the most recent of many comparative advertising campaigns that call out competitors directly. We've found that the benefits of writing copy that picks a fight with your competitors far outweighs the challenges...


The Question of Asking Questions

"Want to sell more books?" vs "Hi, I'm Tim Grahl" - these two headlines were split-test against one another on a pop-up. In this post, you'll see which one outperformed the other and, importantly, why that might have been.

Growth Marketing

How to Write a Kickstarter Pitch

Trying to get backed on Kickstarter? You'll need a pitch page - and a damn good one at that. But where do you even start? And how long does it need to be? And what's your story? And should you demonstrate your product? And what if your product...

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