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Kaleigh Moore is a copywriter who focuses on content marketing for SaaS companies and consultants. Learn more at her website,


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The User-Centric Delight Audit for SaaS

It’s the magical element that fosters deep connections with customers. But what, exactly, is delight? Think of it like this: If there’s a place where your users can interact with you in any way, there’s an opportunity to be delightful.

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15+ reusable ideas to find copywriting clients who pay well

How can you find copywriting clients you’ll love… and who’ll show you their love with great pay and happy-clap emojis? In this post by freelancer Kaleigh Moore, you’ll get more than 15 actionable tips and techniques for finding dream copywriting clients – without selling out on Upwork.

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This approach to “empathy in marketing” makes your page 10x more effective

Includes 8 core takeaways! In this guest post by Kaleigh Moore, dive deep into the subject of mirror neurons. What do they have to do with our marketing? How can you engage the mirror system in the brain to move people to act?

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